The CBME Resource Database

I’ve created a database for all of the resources I collected for my self-education on competency-based medical education.  Y means yes, N means no, NA means not applicable.

Access the excel spreadsheet here.

Some explanations of column names (except where self-explanatory):

  1. Year of Publication 
  2. First Author
  3. Title
  4. Full Citation
  5. DOI or URL
  6. Country of Origin – of the author(s).  ‘International’ was used to indicate authors from different countries.
  7. Learning Level – UME (undergraduate medical education), GME (graduate medical education), PG (postgraduate or continuing medical education), ALL (combinations of learning levels or applicable to all).
  8. Assessment Frameworks-
    1. Competencies & Milestones – Relates to ACGME or CanMeds competency frameworks?
    2. EPAs – Relates to Entrustable Professional Activities?
    3. RIME – Relates to RIME?
    4. Combination – Demonstrates alignment of multiple frameworks?
  9. Resource Type 
    1. General Knowledge (GK) – Provides background or foundational knowledge?
      1. GK category – If a GK article, provides general knowledge on what?
    2. Accrediting Body Initiative – Offers recommendations or updates from a big initiative you should know about?
      1. Initiative Name – If related to an initiative or workgroup, which one?
    3. Practice Example – Description of implementation or experience at a specific site
      1. Practice Site – If so, where?
  10. Notable Elements – Items of interest that shows up in the article including
    1. Change management – this includes lessons learned, challenges, etc.
    2. Outcomes and objectives development
    3. Curriculum development
    4. Assessment development
    5. Faculty development
    6. Personal learning plans or pathways
    7. Educational technology

Featured Image by Delano Balten on Unsplash

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  1. Amazing resource! Thank you for sharing it.


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