Bless our hearts

I tried to find her tweet but I couldn’t.  Several days ago Tressie McMillan Cottom was dealing with a white woman who was spouting some nonsense on Twitter.  If you know Tressie, you can guess how the conversation went.  Somewhere in the middle of the back and forth retweets, Tressie tweeted something like this (paraphrased): “white women hate nothing more than having their little hearts misinterpreted.”

Well, damn.  It’s a true statement.  And if we take off the condescension (which I’m not saying wasn’t deserved – obviously I’ve taken all of this out of context for the purpose of writing this note), we can start thinking about why the statement might be true.  And connected it back to all these thoughts on empathy and second-guessing and why women (maybe specifically white women?) do so much of it.


Featured Image: Roman Kraft,

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