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  1. Ken Bauer says:

    Thank you so much Laura for inspiring me over all of 2016. Often I would reflect on something in class with my students and say out loud “Laura said in a post/tweet/hangout X and that is important because of Y”. You and many others that I’ve met through Twitter have truly impacted my pedagogical practice. The super amazing part of 2016 was being able to make it to #OpenEd this year after following it last year online.

    I replied to your Tweet of this post quickly from the phone but was compelled to do a search of our conversations on Twitter since I couldn’t remember when it was in 2015 that I came across your work.

    I was wrong, it goes back to 2014 when I was doing some searching on #ccourses before implementing my own hacked setup based off mostly Alan Levine and Brian Lamb’s “You Show” at http://youshow.trubox.ca/

    ** Side note, if you want to hear part of that story, I recorded it for Alan over here: http://stories.cogdogblog.com/real-connections/
    ** I really need to send an updated story weaving part of this story in to Alan.

    There is that first time I crossed your path on December 10th 2014: https://twitter.com/ken_bauer/status/542912067552813057
    which points to this page: https://ccoursesresearch.wordpress.com/
    which links to the 404 of Laura’s Coloring Book on Blogspot.
    I loved that blog name by the way. Did I remind you that you inspired the re-titling of my bog? Yeah, you knew that.

    In a way you went from being an indirect influence on my original experiments with #ccourses in early 2015 to having a large impact on my classes late 2015 and a direct major force on my 2016 teaching. Thanks again for being amazing, you deserve all of these compliments from this unexpected place of some Canadian teaching in México.


  2. Laura Gogia says:

    Thank you, Ken. You and your family have become a part of my family’s common language – I catch my kids and husband up on what you are doing, we took your advice and went to see Rogue One this weekend, we talk about visiting you in Mexico all the time – in fact it’s the running question: “When are we visiting Ken?” One day, I will reflect on how you have become such an influence in my life as I have in your classroom. Thanks for doing the research on our history, Ken, and thanks for being my friend 🙂


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