Dissertating in the Open (Visual Article Series)

To continue my series of visual articles on educational research, I have branched out (or perhaps come home) to the act of dissertating in the open. The following is meant to introduce the idea – to show the overlap and points of potential integration between open scholarship and the process of planning, implementing, and publishing a dissertation.

Much of what follows is inspired by the writings of Catherine Cronin and George Veletsianos  and Royce Kimmons, conversations with Bonnie StewartMaha Bali, Virtually Connecting, and #OpenEd2016, and my own work with Jon Becker and Alec Couros.   Special thanks again to Maha Bali and Tod Massa who reviewed this and offered their comments.

This is not meant to introduce the idea of open dissertations completely. There are additional things to be said and places to go. This is a part one.

Dissertating In The Open PDF


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