Building a Repository of Student Handouts

Although I have not defended my dissertation research (scheduled for February 12, 2016), I have begun to look beyond it towards the next steps in the developing my connected learning assessment toolkit for VCU faculty, students, and staff engaged in connected courses. Further work requires piloted implementation, and implementation requires informational materials for faculty and students.

Therefore in the next few weeks I am working towards the integration of my connected learning objectives and assessments within connected course syllabi. As part of that short term goal, I have developed student handouts and placed them on for general use (they are all cc-licensed).  At some point, I intend to develop online resources similar to these handouts but that link out to examples and additional information.


hyperlinking in blogs

Images in BlogsBuild you own edu-twitter experience

Building a better edu-tweet


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  1. HJ.DeWaard says:

    Absolutely love these. Promoting reflective practice and self assessment! Not just for higher Ed folks! Thanks for creating and sharing!


    1. Laura Gogia says:

      Thanks! These handouts are based on my dissertation research (coming soon) in which I studied 498 student blog posts and 5000+ tweets for their use of hyperlinks, images, mentions, and hashtags. I was looking specifically for evidence of what I call connectivity – making connections between current ideas/thinking/experience to other concepts and people over space and time. What I found was a wide range of (likely unintentional) practice. At its best, student annotation use demonstrated beautiful connections. At its worst, it represented great opportunities lost – and tons of unsourced images, many of which seemed to be added for aesthetic appeal only! These handouts are a beginning – rubrics, dashboards, and ideas for visualizations to come!


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