Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Connected Learning at VCU

This week, I was asked to speak to some VCU School of Social Work faculty about connected learning at VCU.  These are serious scholars by nature who have a profound interest in providing their students with the highest quality education possible, so it was a joy to answer their questions about the theoretical and empirical basis of VCU’s approach to connected learning.

I’ve embedded my presentation here.  It was positively received.  Beyond the presentation, my audience found this approach to course design compelling – they want me to return in a workshop format so that we can discuss this in a social work context.  One of the most compelling questions that my audience asked me was why we can’t help students develop digital workflows, personal learning networks, and e-portfolios in a learning management system.  It’s a great question (maybe the million dollar question) and we discussed it in part, but I am already thinking about and lobbying for the opportunity to discuss that question in full detail through another presentation. My next step is to develop a presentation around the the affordances and disadvantages of open as compared to learning management system – for the VCU faculty member.


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