A #TJC15 Experiment

The next Twitter Journal Club will take place on Tuesday May 12, 2015 3pm EDT / 8pm BST.  We will be reading a slightly older article than usual – but a foundational one and one worth revisiting.  It is freely available in IRRODL.

You can find the article here.

For those of you who might be new to the idea of #TJC15, here’s the idea: 
Twitter Journal Club is an open learning experience on Twitter (aggregated around the hashtag #tjc15) in which participants read a previously agreed upon article at a scheduled time, live-tweeting as they go.  The articles – which must be openly available either through pre-print or open access – are recommended by participants via Google Doc and read in order of recommendation. Articles tend to be recently published articles from Open Education/Education Technology/Networked or Connecting Learning fields.  Article authors are invited to join the conversation via direct invitation and have done so in two of the four events that have taken place thus far.
There is no mandate to read the article in advance (although there is also no mandate to prevent participants from reading in advance).  The journal club convenes formally for one hour and while conversations can occur for however long as desired, this hour is archived and published via Storify so that participants can read the transcript if they desire
There are no pre-arranged talking points or questions for the discussion.  It just IS.
Now here’s why this Twitter Journal Club event is special:
This happens to be a special #TJC15 because it’s coinciding with Virginia Commonwealth University ALTLab’s ALTFest. ALTFestwhich is free and registration is still open, by the way – will be held in Richmond, Virginia from May 12-May 14.

ALTFest is a series of informal and formal, structured and unstructured events and activities that focuses on celebrating learning transformation and exploration.  Think maker spaces and pedagogical carnivals.  Also, the great Mimi Ito will be speaking on Connected Learning.

ALTFest kicks off with an ALTCamp – a loosely organized, participant-driven, co-learning event framed only by the particular theme of academic learning transformation. 

A handful of #TJC15 veterans will be at ALTCamp – @yinbk and I will be there, because we work at ALTLab.  I’m also very excited to meet @eduquinn, a Twitter journal clubber who is making the trip down from Rhode Island to hang out with us.  
So, to be clear, I’ve scheduled the #TJC15 session to coincide with ALTCamp – @eduquinn and I plan to propose Twitter Journal Club as an ALTCamp activity to the rest of the physically-positioned ALTCamp group. They may come to our TJC15 table or they may not, but there will be at least two (maybe three if @yinbk plays) #TJC15 players sitting together in the same physical space as we live tweet the article.
That should make for some additional wildness :).

As always, you guys are awesome.  Hope to see you on May 12!


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