#TJC15 – The Twinterview

Simon Warren and I are considering writing an article about our experience of Twitter Journal Club (#TJC15) – from the perspective of a consistently engaged participant observer (Simon) and the club organizer and founder (me).  As part of that process, we decided to interview each other…and as consistent with the subject, we interviewed each other on Twitter using the hashtag #TJC15I.

As we hoped would happen, others in the crew piped up occasionally – @SuzanKoseoglu  was actually kind enough to get roped into the conversation, which touched on identity – scholar, learner, educator, digital, academic institutions, purpose of journal articles, adult education, voice, community…all sorts of things.

Here’s the Storify of the conversation.  We’d love your comments. 


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  1. I think this would make a great article. I think we need new approaches to scholarly practice and writing of journal articles; it seems to me that this could be an example of how to do it differently. For me the questions would be what was the level of engagement with the text and did the Twitter activity increase this level of engagement, did it increase understanding of the text or provide new insights? Or was it simply a fun, social activity and if it was, how might this impact on reading of journal articles. Looking forward to seeing your article and then maybe we can add discuss it in the Twitter Journal Club 🙂


  2. Maha Bali says:

    That would be so meta! A #tjc15 discussion about the #tjc15 experience! It feels so almost there Laura, can't wait to see it published 🙂


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