The Next Twitter Journal Club #TJC15

Several weeks ago, several of us engaged in a lively experiment – what would happen if we tried to read a journal article together, in real time, live-tweeting it as we went along?

This question resulted in the first #TJC15 event, which has been blogged about here and here and here.

The gist of the activity is that we meet at a prearranged time (see invitation) to read a prearranged article (requested by YOU…if you would like to put an article in the queue, you can find that Google form here) and discuss it using the hashtag #tjc15.  I invite the authors in advance so that they can join/follow along if they like.  I Storify it later so we can reflect. Bear in mind that we all prefer articles that are published in open access journals so that everyone can participate.

During the first experience, we experienced a scholarly melee in which three or four broad themes for discussion emerged.  The themes were loosely related to the article and generated quite a bit of interest/engagement – I think we all went back after the event and reread things or found new things to read or became more reflective about something.  It was not your typical journal club experience. You don’t come away with a deep understanding of the article.  You come away feeling jumbled up with new perspectives – it’s perfect for triggering innovative thoughts or energizing you to read the article again with a broader insight.

And so, we would like to try again to see what happens the second time around.  This time we suspect more people will read the article in advance.  That’s fine, of course.  Of course it’s also fine not to read in advance.  I’m honestly not sure which way I’m going to go with that. It’ll probably depend on how much time I have.

I’m going to gently & respectfully request that we don’t use a group-wide advanced organizer or agenda to guide the conversation, for the time being – that just seems too much like other things that happen on Twitter all the time.  I need something fresher, something different, a hacked version of the usual journal club doings. That doesn’t mean you can’t come with your own agenda in mind – in fact, that might be fun.

If anyone cares to blog about the experience (because oftentimes the reflection part is the learning part), we invite you to tag it with #tjc15 so that it’s easier for us to find each others’ reflections for commenting.

We are meeting 1PM EDT/ 5OM GMT on Wednesday, March 18 to discuss:

Ito, M., Soep, E., Kligler-Vilenchik, N., Shresthova, S., Gamber-Thompson, L., & Zimmerman, A. (2015). Learning connected civics: Narratives, practices, infrastructures. Curriculum Inquiry, 45(1), 10-29.

Retrieved from:

It’s open access – the article and the discussion.  Please come if you can.  It’s really fun 🙂


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