2015 ELI Annual Meeting Poster Session: Exploring Microblogging Data through a Lens of Student Assessment


I’ll be presenting this poster at the upcoming Educause ELI Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, February 9-11, 2014.  The following is the copy from the handout that accompanies it.

Although I mention it in the body of the text I think it is important to say it out here, big and loud, that I’m not trying to reduce the documentation of student learning to counting retweets and links. To do such a thing is not appropriate in any context.

Rather, this was a first step in exploring what is automatically collected in archiving spreadsheets and how that might hypothetically be applied in documentation of participation.  My big picture plan is to (1) better understand the unique affordances of connected learning in digital, open spaces and the qualities of participation that they potentially trigger; (2) identify the visible artifacts of said participation; (3) weave together a glorious, ecological, complex, and holistic documentation (a.k.a. story and assessment) of student learning.

This is a teeny tiny piece of the puzzle, and it is here because you have to start somewhere.


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