Draft 1: Prospectus Presentation on Assessing Networked Learning in Higher Education Environments

Below you will find a powerpoint presentation for a mock prospectus presentation I will be making next week.  Note the use of the words “draft” and “mock….” this is doubly-drafty stuff you are looking at here.  Each slide has quite a few additional comments attached to them – in slideshare you scroll down to see them.  If things aren’t making sense and you want to see the additional comments try this link

Would love to engage with anyone regarding questions or comments – any holes you poke in my plan will make it a better product in the end, so thank you.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Maha says:

    Wow, Laura! I am really impressed! This is a really difficult topic to tackle and talk about and you have done a superb job on it!

    My comment with more critical feedback was too long so ur blog wouldn't accept it – so i have emailed it to you


  2. Laura Gogia says:

    Thanks, Maha, for all of your very accurate and insightful comments!


  3. John Michle says:

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