@GoogleGuacamole Survey Experiment


My name is Laura Gogia (@Googleguacamole) and I am currently enrolled in a doctoral level course at Virginia Commonwealth University called Educational Measurement and Evaluation. As part of this class, we have been charged with designing and implementing a short survey on a topic of our choice in order to better understand survey development and analysis.

For those of you who know me you are aware of my interest in using social media in learning environments, particularly in higher and continuing education settings.  For that reason, I have designed a short survey to gauge use and perceptions of Twitter as a means of professional development or “staying current” in one’s professional field/field of expertise in comparison to general use of Twitter.  While you don’t technically have to be a Twitter user to participate in the survey, obviously those who have Twitter accounts will have more to say!

If you reading this post already, please take my survey.  Results are anonymous (they really are – I just checked).  They will not be used for scholarly publication, although if you are interested in the results I’m more than happy to give a brief overview of them here.  Please feel free to leave your constructive criticism about the questions in the comment section of this blog – you will be helping make me a better survey writer!

Thanks in advance for your participation.  I greatly appreciate your time.

Laura Gogia

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