Defining the Purpose of #CCResearch Group

Let me tell you a story.

I’m going to start in the middle here.

Which led to an outpouring of really wonderful ideas.  
To Summarize: 
Laura Gibbs writes about her prior work documenting student efforts in online courses. This fits nicely with my desire to create assessment tools for student participation in higher ed connected learning courses as well as Vania’s concerns about faculty development and implementation in higher education.  Vania, yes yes and yes, I agree although we have seen good things with connected learning at our university thus far.  One of the big sticking points with our faculty development, however, has been the lack of appropriate assessment tools…hence my topic. 
Maha Bali shares her earlier reflection on research questions, which focus on how to explain connected learning with people who have not yet embraced it.  This is a recurrent theme (here too) and fits in nicely with Kira Baker Doyle’s efforts in institutional collaboration around connected learning adoption…which also blends in with Vania’s and my work around faculty development…. 
Maha Bali is also interested in how to capture the various learning experiences that emerge in this divergent learning models which blends nicely with general calls for better understanding/description as well as Rhonda Jessen and other’s desires to understand for purpose of diagnosing and intervening for students who may struggle in this environment.  This fits in well with calls to look at connected learning from the student experience  (in the case of #ccourses, instructor-student experience) both immediately after and over time.
Finally there is interest in connecting connected learning to student engagement, informal learning, and higher college enrollment rates for at-risk children.
All of this led me to create the following graphic, because by now you probably are beginning to understand how I feel about graphics.
And finally…action

A convergence on the idea of starting with a literature review (here), which I mean, all of us getting on the same page with the literature is a brilliant idea.  We started a public Zotero group.  On Twitter, @EduQuinn and I have been debating folders versus tags because we are going to have to organize this thing somehow, and I admitted that I’m a little bit of a slacker:


 and we have a call to start a standard literature review matrix via google form. 
Several places to start.  
Once we all shift over our private zoteros to the public folders, there will be plenty of things to look at…BUT if someone has a preference for organization, by all means, go forth and create folders or let us know your tagging system.  
Also you can look here. Also note Gardner Campbell’s reference to an entire issue on Connected Learning in The International Journal of Learning and Media in 2012.  That should be worth a look.
Ok, that’s all I’ve got for today.  

2 Comments Add yours

  1. itinerante says:

    Great job!!.. I'm in!… let's do it 😀


  2. Laura Gogia says:

    Groovy – do you know where the forum is?
    If you are up to making the google doc for the matrix, go for it and then let me know either here or twitter (@Googleguacamole) and together we will get it out there!


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