Call for a Connected Courses Research Working Group

Hello Connected Courses Community!

Even this early in the Connected Courses experience, 
I think we all know that we are involved in something very special.  
As of October 2, 2014, Connected Courses has generated:

There are plenty of reasons to document the Connected Courses experience, such as: 

For personal reflection.  
As we learned in this Connected Courses Blogside Chat
documentation of learning allows the learner to consider
how far they have come, 
how they learned, and
 how their recent work will impact their future.
For sharing
Hopefully when we leave Connected Courses, 
we will feel strongly enough about 
Connected Learning to share 
what we have experienced with others.  
For understanding.  
We have a lot to learn about how 
Connected Learning works, 
how it is best encouraged, 
how we can integrate it into our 
formal and informal educational spaces.  
There is so much research to be done.

The digital environment of Connected Courses 
affords us many opportunities to capture or document 
our learning as it occurs;  
digital artifacts are available for the purposes of 
content analyses, 
and social network analyses, 
to name a few methods.  

Tools such as Martin Hawksey’s TAGS exist to make 
this sort of work much easier.


As a member of the Connected Courses community, 
a doctoral student in educational research and evaluation, and
a graduate fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University’s

I am seeking other members of the 
Connected Courses community who are interesting in 
stepping into the fire hose of 
data with me. 

I am aiming to put together a research working group 
around the emergent social learning processes that are occurring through Connected Courses.   
The first action of the working group will be to outline a research agenda and while there are many directions in which we could go, I’d love to see us consider (audaciously and boldly):
 “How do we document connected learning?”

Thanks for your consideration,

Laura Gogia



7 Comments Add yours

  1. katherine says:

    Hi Laura, I'm a librarian/consultant working with urban youth. I'd love to join your research group.


  2. Laura Gogia says:

    Wonderful, Katherine! We are slowly growing in number…give me a week to let the dust settle and we will figure out the best way to convene. For the time being, how is the best way to reach you?


  3. Laura Gogia says:

    Update 10/4/2014

    We are becoming quite a group! Most people are expressing their interest via Twitter but feel free to comment here as well. Through this upcoming week I will be touching base with those who express interest so we can figure out the best way to organize this data fest! I am greatly inspired by your interest! Hooray for connected research!


  4. tsheko says:

    I would love to join but (as I just tweeted), not an academic. Teacher librarian in secondary school, but really interested in documentation of social learning. I hope that there will be a way I can contribute.


  5. Laura Gogia says:

    Yes, having you on board would be lovely! We've tweet-corresponded already, but as I was saying once we figure out how large we are (and where we are all located…we are already quite a geographically diverse crowd) we will figure out how best to communicate. This week I will touch base with DML again to let them know where we stand and to find out how involved they would like to be. Then we'll get started – sooner rather than later! Thanks for being interested!


  6. cat says:

    Hi Laura, My first long comment disappeared so let's see if this does better. I am writing to say how much I admire your ability to translate data into a visual, appealing representation. And also to see if you would be interested in connecting the connectors. At some point it would be great to join the data from this Connected Courses project with data we have from the ones we mounted last year as part of FutureEd (with a lot of the same people). The bigger goal here is not only to connect courses but to underscore that ideas come from inside our classrooms not just from VC boardrooms. Both at HASTAC and at the Futures Initiative, we're interesting in data analysis as persuasion and you do it as well as anyone I've seen. Congratulations and thank you for the great work and let us know if you ever want to try to join forces and connect even more connectors (I'm thinking of the FemTechNet network too). All the best, and thanks again for everything, Cathy Davidson


  7. Laura Gogia says:

    Thank you and yes, yes. and yes. Yes I am interested in joining forces. Yes, I agree that it's time to think very big. Yes, I agree we should be connecting all available data in creative, passionate, interesting, and persuasive ways. Right now I'm on the fringes of the connected learning action which means I am unsure of how to proceed at this very moment. However I plan on touching base with DML Research Hub this week and will pass your comments along. Then I will be asking everyone I can think of how, precisely, we plan to proceed in thinking big and connectedly 🙂


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