@Thoughtvectors: An Answer to Your Question, "How I Live Online?"

I live in a house online,

but maybe it’s a rent-to-own,
or maybe it’s a squatters plot
just an underline
But maybe it’s a cigar box
a box where an Apache lives
one who climbs and crawls 
My house has rooms and carpet.
It has baseboards and paper.  
And sometimes (on Sundays)
I change my house. 
And nailing with purpose I hang them.
I hang
with hand-tied ribbons.
And in my house (and on my person)
I try things on
I peel things off
I match things up
I tie things down
I play around and above all
I find things–
When I invite people over
it’s my shadow on the pane
waiting for car lights,
waiting for knocks and pings,
waiting for google analytics to show me change.
for in my house (and in my person)
i worry it and
I worry me
I worry without the purpose 
with which I hang.
My house–this house—it has no blinds.
You will find it easy to see in 
In real time, you’ll see me fumble,
In the bedroom and the bath.
You’ll see me finding all the things 
I will forget.
And as I receive the guests
the knocks and the pings,
I become aware of the presence of things.
this thing in my house (and on my person)
My own Apache–
the looming creeper 
that silent reaper.
Who, once out, will not return  
to the box 
the box that waits out behind the ballpark.

And the lights are on.

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