Roasting the Fennel

Hello Grad 602!

It’s a relaxing Saturday morning at the Gogia household…the kids spent the night at grandma’s, so I’m free to (1) listen to some 1990’s angry chick music (the genre’s name lends itself to some serious critical reflection–the one reason I insist on using and listening to it, so go with it), 
Flickr – Brandy Jackson
(2) blog, and (3) roast a bushel of vegetables.  

So have you ever roasted a tuber?  It’s seems quite simple.  Poke a few holes in a butternut squash and throw it in the oven at 350 for 60 minutes.

Flickr: IITA Image Library

I used to teach the same way I roast a tuber.  Professionally, I was raised in the medical education system, where, at least for the first two years of medical school, Lecture was king.  Open the students heads and they will absorb what they are genetically capable of absorbing, you know, based on their god-given IQ.  The emphasis was placed on how well the lecturer knew their subject matter–the better I understood the endocrine system, the better I could organize it, break it down, and profess on it (What does it mean to be a professor? To profess?)

Flickr – Meneldur

 Teaching can seem educational scholar put it this way  “…education is a common experience, familiarity masks its complexity.” (Ball and Forzani, 2007).
So, the follow up question I have for you (obviously) is have you ever roasted a fennel bulb?  It’s a little more interesting than roasting a tuber. Not to belabor the cooking aspect of this metaphor, but you have to put some thought into it to get exactly what you want regarding texture, shape, appearance, even flavor.  It’s a more mindful act.  Takes more energy, but as I said, it’s much more interesting.

Flickr – TonalLuminosity
I invite you to use GRAD 602 as an opportunity to roast the fennel.  And you guys are off to a great start.  Below is one rendition of verbal minutes for our first class.  And look at all the interesting perspectives and ideas you touched on during the introductory class.  Wowzers. I see dialogue potential on all sorts of things…
  • Hypertext…does it change learning?
  • Learning styles..or preferences…how does it relate to transfer?
  • Content versus process?
  • Power of self-concept…are all adults self-directed learners? (Spoiler Alert…I know some stuff on this)
  • Blogging as a genre…To the Podcast!
Ok folks, enjoy your week and I can’t wait to see how you use this semester…this is going to be great!

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