In a Moment…

I’m out of time.  Not literally, because to be outside the rules of time would be quite nice right now.  I love it went that happens–a good Csikszentmihalyi flow session, a Henri Bergson moment of grace.  A moment in the mathematical sense, or a physical sense…a higher moment?  A 4th order moment? A mixed moment? A moment is heavy–it’s brimming with artifactual meaning–so don’t use it lightly.

No, really, I am very much IN TIME because I am OF TIME.  I forget whether all of this is Einstein or Hawkins or someone all together different but anyhow, I am OUT of time because I am very very much IN time.  Got it?

If you are a popboardz user–this popboardz is public.

Good.  Then you know what I’m saying is that I can’t write the blog I want to write this week.  So instead I took an hour to indulge in a little Csikszentmihalyi flow.  In that flow I put together a popboardz of all the things I want to talk about in my blog on Marshall McLuhan.   I’ve added the thumbnail of the popboardz but if you really want to see all the links inside, I made it public…you can.  I just don’t HAVE TIME right now to figure out how you would do that.

But here are the main points mentioned on the board…

  • People are Strange (The Doors)
  • Englishman in New York (Sting)
  • Jai Ho (specifically the line Baila-Baila!)
  • Curried Brunswick Stew and bananas in church.
  • Two children in Jaipur
  • Unstable Isomers 
  • Insulin 
  • My daughter’s Christian summer school theme:  “There are Aliens Among Us.” (I had many euphoric moments over that one, trust me) 
  • My other daughter’s request for “a legend” to guide us towards an answer to the question “Do we all come from the same ancestor?”
    • Speaking of…Legend.  On a map?  Pointing us in a direction? Or a story?  Pointing us in the direction of an answer?
  • Bakhtin and his Carnival (of course)
  • And the mutilated Santa.


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